2D RPG collision problem

Hi! I have been deving my first RPG game, and I faced problems, that are just too hard for me to beat without more knowledge about Game Develop, so I came here. I found thread about this same problem, but unfortunely both images&files on that thread seem to be corrupted. Of course one solution might be making the movement based on invisible grid (with incredible fast movement, but timers that makes impossible to hold down the key), ut it ight be too old-school, and i personally think it’s one of these things that just work better in text-based games. But that grid solution might give me some other ways to make collision, with restricting movement with some High-Tech variables, that are telling is character next to wall. But again, I havent put much research time on that option, because, as I said, it works better on text-based games. I tried physics autonism, but of course, because it falls trough static objects andthere is one way to put gravity in Z-axis,it just nouces the wall to far away. I’m sorry for branchin and unclear message, but I hope you can find out what I mean, even with my bad english.

You could use Physics extension (it uses Box2D AFAIK), set gravity to 0 and move objects using forces. Then Box2D would do collisions for you (assuming you have proper collision masks for objects) and you could also do some nifty tools like pushing blocks or objects.