3D box image options for rotate 90° and flip horizontally and/or vertically

When adding/editing 3D box
It would be cool to have option to rotate image independently on each face
So like i have this ground block with grass on top

Imagine if i could rotate it 90° left or right or 180°

Maybe better solution would be Rotate 90° AND 2 other check boxes to flip image horizontally or vertically
That would cover everything

In this image you see my player stands on ground 3D box
And if i could flip image for top face vertically grass would align with grass on front face
This would save ppl from duplicating same image which needs only simple flip/rotation

You can do it with piskel editer

Idea is NOT to have to duplicate image just to have rotated version of it
Just like you can it in events sheet

hey @ZeroX4
I read that the reason you’re requesting the feature (flipping) is because duplicating elements is annoying.
It seems to me that the request of the feature is to compensate the issue somewhere else: that duplicating an element is not efficient.

Can I ask: for this specific case… do you intend to duplicate instances on the scene, or objects on your list?

Wait a sec Luni case i am under impression i am talking about forest and you about woods
So just for sake of we understand each other let me show you exactly what i mean

I made this image which i use on 3D box object

And i use same image for front and top face

Now in game as you see for FRONT face image goes (as expected) from bottom to top where grass is on the top

And on TOP face side images also go from bottom of face to top of face side (also as expected) so grass ends up on far end of block

And this is exactly how it should behave no question about it

But what if here
We had 3 additional options

Just like on image
Flip horizontally or vertically and rotate 90°
Which would cover all possible combination so it would be no need for Rotate 90° to the left and to the right
(Just rotate 90° to one side and then abusing vertical or horizontal flip would cover all needs of any1)

Ok now i check Flip Vertically
And image flipped Vertically (upside down) for TOP face only
And now in game it would look like this

Grass on FRONT face goes is on top
But on TOP face is now on bottom since image is vertically flipped

Before on left After on right

What it solves is that no one would need to duplicate same image just to flip/rotate it like i just did to make these screenshots
And that is only for one Box object
How many files i would need to prepare if i had many different images for textures for various blocks?

If your question was not related to above explanation then please rephrase it cause i do not get what you are asking for?
I mean i do get what did you ask but i do not see it being related to my request?

That would be a nice feature, I just open the picture in photoshop rotate it and then save a new version of it.