3D Box Origin Point Edit?

I’m having trouble rotating 3D objects.

In this case, the 3D Box is a door, that is, the Origin point must be on the side and not in the center.

But I have already tried to make several shapes and several tests to leave the origin point on the side, but it is always in the center, in the image below it is possible to understand better.

Porta NR 12 Suporte

I also asked this a week ago, but no reply. Hopefully it will be integrated and time soon. One possible solution would be to change the pivot point in blender and integrate this information in your glb file, but Gdevelop doesnt read it.

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Let’s wait for a new update, I did several tests to try to rotate correctly but I couldn’t. The bad thing about this is that it ends up delaying the project, as it needs this correction in GDevelop

We have not started working on that particular issue but we should. It might not be available in the next version but in the following ones.

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As a workaround, 2 objects can be defined:

  • one for wall on X axis
  • another one for Y axis.

For rotating object that are using movement behavior like pathfinding, the object can be put at its center with an action like this:

That is good news to hear, and of course the sooner the better! I’m in the same position as PedroAntonio. Currently I am in dubio whether or not to continue with swapping some 2d objects with 3d ones, because we cannot control the 3d object with the same possibilities. (add a custom point to shoot projectiles from this position, custom collision mask, use effects like blur etc).

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Have you tested it? I tried changing the center position, but no success.

This action is from the racing game example.

Sorry, I was not talking about 3d boxes, but glb objects, however the topic starter does.