3D engine alternatives for GDevelop

I recently wondered if I can implement 3D on a gdevelop project. Maybe even on a fixed perspective camera. The answer? No. Well then waiting for 3D support to arrive on gdevelop I would like to know one thing:

  • There is a COMPLETELY open source and free 3D engine that can be programmed to events or something no code similar to gdevelop
    I honestly don’t know if there is one that meets these criteria but if you know one I would be very happy if you would tell me :slight_smile:

I have heard that the copper cube engine and the bolt/playmaker addons for Unity are nice. Else, unreal engine has a pretty nice visual scripting system called blueprints but it’s very different from GDevelops.

Please note that you are likely going to be waiting eternity. While nothing is impossible, GDevelop’s focus has been stated to be 2D, with no plans nor goals to add 3D.

As Arthuro mentioned, CopperCube is going to be your closest bet. It isn’t open source but it is free, and includes a visual scripting system that is pretty easy to get set up and use. That said, No other engine uses GDevelop’s event system, even Construct 3 isn’t an exact match.

Please note there are numerous topics on 3D and 3D engines, and the above answers are the same in those as well, so please search in the future before making a new thread.

Hi for serious projects you must use Unity or Unreal, for hobby or just test you can try this https://manu.co/ is pretty easy to use and there some tutorials.

Good call out. I wasn’t aware they left closed alpha. Manu is a very promising engine, although it’s logic system is quite a bit different from many others.

GameGuru Max is also looking promising.

It is going to get a visual logic editor which is going to be similar to what CopperCube has and allow Lua programmers to expose conditions and actions to the IDE that non-coders and artist can play with. For more advanced users also going to support node based logic editing similar to Unreal Blueprint and Unity Bolt.

Unfortunately it is not free and you can not buy it right now, pre order ended recently. It is currently in development and I believe it is going to release in December.

I do not recommend the old Classic version it does not support visual logic editing only Lua scripting. But if you want to make FPS games, maybe you can get it for as low as $5 or even free on a good day to play around with it until the Max version released.

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To the above, I can only add that the OpenSpace3D engine looks interesting. The developers point out that this is an application for creating virtual and augmented reality, but I believe that it can be considered as an option. As a result, we have free and free software with a scene editor and visual programming system based on event systems.