3D Engine HELP

Hi, I used the search function but I haven’ t found anything, I hope it was not my mistake…
I would figure out how to use the 3d Engine that is included with GDevelop in the examples area.
For example, I changed the window resolution from 800X600 to 640X360 and the result is that the camera is out of place, floating some “meters” too high (for every other aspect, it works perfectly).
How could I do to correct this problem?
And, there is a trick (maybe changing the FOV?) to avoid or limitate the dizzy effect of the deformation of polygons in the borders when you turn left or right?

Check the event 6 in the example, to calculate the (X;Y;Z) position of the blocks it uses 400 one time and 300 two times in the formulas, it’s the scene width/2 and height/2 respectively. Change both values with your new width/2 and height/2.

About the FOV, I have read that a 90º FOV means a first person view, you should have your face right in front of the monitor to feel it right (with “right in front” I mean almost touching the screen with your face :laughing: ), open the scene properties (right click on the scene >> edit properties) and change the FOV to something like 60º :slight_smile:

With your tips and activating the VSync all became ok.
Thanks for the help!

By the way, what’ s the use of the object “Ground” in the example?
I haven’ t see it used anywhere…
And again, (keep patient!) how could someone do the “strafe” movement?
I’ m not very strong with “sin” and “cos” and similar… :confused:

An instance has been placed in the scene, in the top left corner, but has no size… wait!, opening image in GIMP… aha! it’s indexed, set the image as RGB and everything works fine again :slight_smile:

You don’t need trigonometry actually, you can use the action to apply a force by angle because you have the camera angle, this way you don’t need to decompose the vector, the current events are overcomplexed with a great Lizard-style! :laughing:
To do a strafe (classic WASD) movement, add this:

Finally, if you want to add a mouselook, you can increase/decrease the camera angle by the mouse delta (you have to calculate it manually) :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot man.

One more thing: going directly against a 3D Block, it stops you, ok, but you can see inside it: there is a way to keep the camera a bit backward, to correct the view without affecting the collision?