3D FPS Released!

I’ve made a 3d first person shooter, in which you defeat waves of incoming enemies. Play WaveStrike today!!! :grinning:

note: multiplayer pvp version coming soon, if this problem is solved, if not, it won’t. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Well done! :smiley:

My only nitpick is that the mouse sensitivity is Far too high. It’s a bit disorienting. :sweat_smile:
Any intention to make it adjustable in a future update?

Oh, I didn’t realize it was too sensitive, yes I will fix that asap. Thanks for the tip

Edit: it is now half as sensitive, works fine

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Yeah, it’s Way better now! :laughing:

Did you record those voice lines yourself?
It’s got a filter & everything. Sounds super cool, reminds me of Counter Strike. :astonished:

Actually, i used soundly’s free voiceover feature, you select a voice, emotion, and effect, and it will make an eerily realistic sound file that sounds great. Get it here!

I am in no way affiliated with them, I just like using it