Can't fire a bullet while using PANDAKO's multiplayer extension

I’ve been wracking my poor, overtaxed brain to find a way to get a bullet(fired via the fire bullet extension) to appear in all players games, I’ve tried make the bullet also an online player object, but then it never shows up, and that’s the only thing I could think of. Please help.

You need to show what events you have. We can’t really help here if we don’t know what you’ve attempted so far.

So, I don’t currently have access to my computer, but it’s a basic, if mouse clicked, then fire bullet etc. They only show up on the client that fired it. If I attach the online player object, it never shows up

How do you tell the client a bullet has been fired? It needs to include details of the bullet’s object name, position, angle, speed/velocity etc.

And how does the client deal with the message?

I am not sure how to make a bullet work in multi player in the first place.
this screenshot shows how it can work with only one player.

I may find a workaround tomorrow, without using the fire bullet extension.

Edit: sorry if the image is blurry.

Umm, this is my current fix, but it fires one bullet(and then won’t fire at all), and then all multiplayer interactions freeze, as if the other players stopped inputting controls. I am lost.