3D Game on GDevelop

3D Game making test using the latest version of Gdevelop…
with its new 3D Features and capabilities.

It is really awesome so far with what it has to offer,

Watch video on : https://twitter.com/i/status/1719706526355489071


But here’s few suggestions and feature request

  • Need Animation mixer or smooth transition between two animations - Need Post processing support for 3D
  • Need a proper dedicated 3D editor like unity or unreal, to manipulate the objects and interact with it for better level design and planning.
  • Need 3D collision system 3D collider shape like (Box, sphere, Capsule) or Mesh Collider shape that adapts to the Model.

That’s all for now, which is essential

Assets used in the Demo are my own
Fantasy character - https://skfb.ly/oKO6q Environment assets - https://skfb.ly/oM9nz

(For the Community)
If you want to use my assets in your games, feel free to do so…even for commercial projects. :blush:

Hope you enjoyed the Demo


I’m really looking forward to 3D colliders, surprised it isn’t in the engine yet. But I’m sure it will be.


3d collision can be coded In events sheet, by using conditions like: the Z of player < cube.z + cube.depth.
And : the Z of player > cube.z

Even though I have not finished mine yet, and I plan to make a tutorial for it. Or even an extension.


Oh! I know that, I have tried it… but it would be awesome to have that as a premade shapes of colliders like in unity n unreal engine. But, i am looking forward for your tutorial… do share the link

It’ll be finished probably as soon as I finish these two things:

  • Bug when falling too fast. You go too far and go below the floor. (I think anyone can adjust to make it better for themself tho)

  • Slopes. I tried this before, didn’t get very far. But I have an idea on how to do it.

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Thank you for your topic. Your 3D game is looking good!

I see that you made a list or feature requests. As explained on the Welcome to the User Feedback channel! topic, we need them to be separated topics so it’s easier to tag them and follow them.

So, I’ll move your post to the Community channel, and you can go ahead and create your features separately (if they don’t already exist).

Keep that good work going!

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@TIMESPACE This is awesome!
Do you plan to develop a 3D game? I’m wondering how big an open world in 3D made with Gdevelop could be. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you! will take care of it

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Thank you! we are still testing the 3D features and what it has to offer. we can make the simple 3D games. but for open world with character animations, we need some more features…
Animation blending, better colliders are very important in 3D Games.

We as a team use Gdevelop as our primary engine for creating 2D games. We already released some titles on Google Playstore. We really want to move to the 3D as well. So, we are looking where the Gdevelop goes with 3D.

We will keep experimenting with the 3D demos and share with you :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t have slopes yet, but i have this video that has a 3d physics extension. Here

Please report any bugs you may find on the github, requests are also appreciated.

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can you send me a link to this game I would like to try it out?

Yes but so hard and dont work for every model