⭐ Welcome to the User Feedback channel!

:star: This channel helps the team at GDevelop to identify product issues and what to improve.
The features requested, voted and commented have a better chance to make it to product updates.
Members of the team can reach you with questions about the problem you want to resolve. Your participation on these conversations is important!

Please remember that bugs go on their dedicated channel and “How do I” questions go here.

To participate on the Feature Requests channel, you must follow a list of rules:

:warning: Please keep only one feature request per message (this helps us classify and follow each demand).

  1. Before submitting a new feature request, verify that it doesn’t exist already. If that’s the case, please add your comment to that conversation.
  2. If you come across a feature that you need or like, you can vote for it by adding a heart to the original message.
  3. You can also comment describing the problem that you have, and what would be the value that you would get from that feature.
  4. If you cannot find the feature that you want, you can create a new feature request. Please make just one topic per feature. Do not make a list of multiple demands (these are harder to classify, therefore they will be closed and archived).
  5. If you decide to create a new feature request; be as clear and specific as possible (feel free to use Google translator if you’re not at ease in English):
  • What would you like to request: Talk about your feature. For example “I want a window where I can see the animations on the Asset Store”
  • Why you are requesting it: Why are you requesting this feature? -This is the most important part of the message!- Describe the friction (the problem) that you’re facing in detail. For example “Because when I want to see the running animation of a character, I waste time by adding it to my object”.
  • Supporting evidence: Feel free to add images, videos or gifs of the problem that you are facing. That helps to identify the problem.

With your help and feedback we’ll make GDevelop a better game design platform!
Thanks. :slight_smile: