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Hi…i was hoping there can be an online 2d PvP/MOBA feature…GDevelop is really great [since i dont know how to code] and it is very easy to use. Most games now are PvP online. i was doing one simple but fun game on Gdevelop and all assets were laid out, until i found out there was no such feature in gdevelop, and it is saddening. i love gdevelop and i don’t want to use anything else. i hope this feature will come really soon…


It would be quite helpful if you could use the Layers/Masks features of (physics2.0) without the physics - can we pull that part out and make it’s own behavior?

It would make puzzle games (like ‘heart star’) easier to build in gdevelop.

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hi im a little lazy so i didnt copy the text and … in here
a few days ago i creat a topic about the things that they can be in gdvelop and some bugs i think i will put the link of the topic down here to just be sure that u will see it :slightly_smiling_face:
you can read the FEATURE and BUG

I think the marked options in toolbar can be toggle buttons.
I am new to GDevelop and exploring the editor and other stuff.
While exploring I was somewhat confused which editor is actually open and which is not unless I see the tooltip on the button.
Here is my suggestion :
1.Make it a toggle button (So if user by mistake clicks some button he can toggle off from that point itself , instead of going to the editor/panel and then click on the close button)
2.Change the color/texture of the button based on its Show/Hide State.

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Hello, i have a feature request. Please add the 3D assests support and the 3D visual feature

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I’m hoping for a feature to be able to detect when light is hitting an object!

Light as almost all objects has a condition for checking the collisions.

Texture flipping support, instead of only being able to rotate a texture tile, being able to flip it would save from the need to otherwise have duplicates of the same texture if doing a retro type of game.


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Upon switching from Construct 3 to GDevelop, one of the biggest things I have missed was the ‘On Created’ and ‘On Destroyed’ condition blocks. I know it is possible to do without, but they were really convenient.


I was wondering if it will be possible for the engine to be able to detect the color visible underneath an object?

Then using that color as condition for pathfinding behavior, or players actions too.

(Underneath the player, or on a specified layers.

That idea is inspiration by old 3D game that got a “path” mesh, and a simple 2d sprite or projection
(Cf FF7 or Zelda ocarina of time. )

(Let’s say an artist is drawing pretty art like some famous 2D game, he then only need to draw, on the same scene when the character can stand, swim, can’t go, etc…)

Hello @Ashy!

Probably better for you to post a new thread then append to this one in the future.

However, there is a detect color/read pixel color (or similarly named) extension that could help with what you are trying to accomplish, but you are generally mich better off just using hidden objects and normal collision detection instead.

If the extension doesn’t meet your needs, I’d recommend making a new thread in the “How Do I?” Category.

I get why the collision is better from dev view (as to begin with it do less picture to load and less complex interaction)

But my friends are not helping me from a development view, I really need someway to automate the process and avoid changes they have in mind.

Thanks I’ll take a look at it.

(I’ll may have to ask where to find the extension if I don’t find it tho ^^)

Hi I am Gamingnuke and my suggestions are as follows
Sprite font object
Bbxr text
What is it? Bbtext except easier. Easier how?
You enter text highlight it change the colour of any pieces of the text you want and it’s font and alignment and other bbtext features using right click to open a drop down list of everything you can do to it. Make it bold, underline it, highlight it, cross it out with a horizontal line through it at the centre vertically, make it bigger, make it smaller, make it italic.

i suggest a platformer enemy behavior
you can add to any object
Follow player
Fall of edge
Reverse At Egde
go thru platform [good idea for ghost enemy]
avoid platform

What about a better image editor I mean the tools are good but where is the colour pallet for selecting colours. example of colour pallet
example of colour pallet

This was already answered in the discord, but I’ll repeat here for clarification sake:

The existing image editor (Piskel) is bundled with the engine, it is not fully maintained by GDevelop.

Palettes already exist in Piskel. It’s at the middle right of the window:
Clicking on the + lets you create a new palette, and palettes can be saved and/or loaded on other images:

Hello, my request is more of a UI improvement to the engine.
My request is that we should be able to organize scenes into folders and groups just like in the events editor.
I made a short metroidvania that consisted of more than 20 levels, and it was painful to scroll through lots of levels just to find the right one to edit.
One can only imagine how painstakingly long it would be to search through levels if the game turns out to be much longer and larger than usual.
So that’s my request, to be able to organize the scenes into folders and groups. that can be minimized and expanded at any time.

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