3D Gravity Player Platform Feature

So the Problem I have is Basically I want my Player to Jump, Let me Explain:
-If you Add the Platform Behavior to a Player all it’s Properties Consist of Moving on the X Axis and Jumping on the Y Axis
-Or if you add a Gravity It’s only up and down the Y-Axis
-I would like to request a way Create Gravity on the Z-Axis
For Example Take a Look at the Free Project “3D Car Coin Hunt”

Just by Making the Car Able to Jump adds a Whole New Type of Game Play for 3D Platforming and Simple to Use!
Anyway Thank You For Taking the Time to Read This ^^

if you want grafity and movement in a 3d world like 3D Car Coin Hunt, you can use the extensions “Walk 3d and Jump 3D”