3d ground effect

I am currently working on a survival game and wanted to ask if someone could tell me if and how i could let a texture be rendered like the ground in “Dont Starve Together” since in that game you see the ground texture from a 45° angle or so. So if there is any way of doing that please tell me. Thanks! ^^

Open this example and take a look. It’s called “isometric view”.

i know about that but what i was asking in particular is a way to let the texture look like its that top-down-3d(isometric). Making it like this defeats the purpose of doing what i wanted to do and is much more time consuming unless there is some tool to instantly edit the texture in that way so i can import that into the game.

Something like “mode 7” on snes? I saw only this attempt: Discord


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thats exacly what i was looking for thanks alot! <3

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i have a problem…i tried around with it and…uhh…i don’t understand it honestly

nvm got i thanks for sending that in here! ^^ <3

The author of this method in the messages below explains how it works