3d html5 games with three.js

Construct2 has a plugin which allows the development of 3d games that run in the browser (opengl)
scirra.com/forum/updated-q3 … ns_t106677
It is using three.js obviously.

The plugin’s games seem nicely optimized and supports many features, but the actual editor (construct2) does not support a 3d scene editing at all- which makes their entire process cumbersome.

It would be awesome if at some point in the future gdevelop (gdevelop 4?) starts supporting basic 3d objects with three.js.

Even the ability to create a 2.5 d game would bring it head and shoulders ahead of many of the other engines. Webgl and three.js have come to a seemingly mature state.

I understand that this is a pipe dream at this point, but has it ever been an idea for the evolution of gamedevelop? :smiley:

I would be happy if GD could load at least static 3D meshes and textures, similar to 3D boxes. :unamused:
It could help a lot with 2.5D, Isometric game development.
And then it could evolve slowly to support animations, shaders, Multitexturing, 3D phyiscs, particles, and finally 3D scene with camera and skybox and 3D events to be able to make a full 3D game.

C2 3D plugin looks pretty awesome, but I would not pay 30 USD for it without official technical support from Scirra, without official support, it can loose compatibility any time but I would be surprised if Scirra would not pick it up.

there is an online 3d engine/editor that has a visual programming state machine. It runs in the browser, similar to gdevApp.

Check it out:
vimeo.com/gootechnologies/video … /sort:date


Wow, thanks for the link, I’ll give it a try. Looks very interesting, the State machine (event system) reminds me of Leadwerks Flowgraph Editor (we can create inputs and outputs in scripts and connect them in a visual editor to activate specific functions in specific cases), which is also one of my favourite way of development. Seems like Goo just combined my 2 favourite ways:
Events (States) to add/create behaviours and Flowgraph (Stategraph) to activate or deactivate behaviours :mrgreen:
I hope this “Stategraph” also works between objects (if I’m interacting with object 1 then object 1 can activate a state of object 2) not just between states of same object as that would be disappointing :wink:

EDIT: Seems like the Stategraph Editor is not available in free version at least I can’t find it and the State system is pretty awful. The State system is useful to add simple behaviours to objects such as rotate, move…etc but for anything more then that, Stategraph Editor would be required which is not available for free (I think) only JavaScript. So yeah, I’m still waiting for a good event based 3D game making tool :wink: