"3D-like" 2d racing games

Can GDevelop create racing games like the Asphalt Series for Java phones??


This video is probably a fake. In gdevelop, he opened a standard top-down race example. And on top, he launched the game through the “MAME” emulator (in the lower right corner you can see the setting lever)

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In theory this can be done. but you need to learn the basics of creating 2d races and try to adapt it for Gdevelop.

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I see, so do you think there are tutorials out there that teach how to create these kinds of games with JavaScript??

This page explains the basic principles of building a pseudo 3D road: Lou's Pseudo 3d Page Similar pseudo 3D races can be created using a JavaScript (some videos are available on YouTube). but you will have to look for tutorials on forums, thematic sites, etc. (Sorry for possible mistakes, I use Google translator)

It’s not fake, he just recreated an old game which is probably why he has the emulator to use as a reference… Watch the work in progress video Gdevelop pseudo 3D (game dev) - YouTube

No, he did not recreate the old game, he open in Gdevelop a standard example of a race with a top view… And here HOW TO ENABLE 3D IN Gdevelop [ Free Game Engine ] - YouTube
he admitted that it was just an animated background.

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Whether it’s an animated background or not, it’s still created in GD. Obviously it’s not going to be “real 3D”. But it’s not an emulation of another game running in the MAME emulator. When he says “fake 3D” he doesn’t mean that he’s running an emulated game, he means that he has given the impression of 3D without it being 3D. It shows that it’s possible to make a pseudo 3D game in GD.

The X or Y position of the sprite could be coordinated with the different animated backgrounds, so as you progress through the game arena, the animation changes according to your position. It would be a laborious and time-consuming process, admittedly, but it shows that it’s possible to do.

I don’t believe he was able to completely replicate the game in Gdevelop. Such complex pseudo 3D cannot be realized with simple animated backgrounds. I know what I’m talking about since I’ve created some simple pseudo 3d examples: Pseudo 3D Examples

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I’ve seen those videos before here. They are very cool examples of pseudo 3D. The events don’t look too bad but I’d have to study it more to get it. When I download the json for some reason it’s not working on my side. I get grey screen preview…

Json file in folder with resources? Another reason - maybe you accidentally hid the layer?

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Ah it works now after restarting the laptop. That 3D effect looks awesome. Very nice job. But I see what you mean it’d be a laborious process to program it all out for a full game. And with dedicated 3D engines out there, it makes it illogical to attempt with the GD engine when you can achieve it much easier with other engines.

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