3d model rotation


I have tried making a game where the bot would chase you but in 3d with 3d model. And I can’t find a simple solution for the model to turn directly in my direction, it rotates but never directly to me when I need him to, or sometimes opposite.

Thanks for the help.

Here is the code :

I’d suggest you have a play round with the 3D rotation first, so you understand what’s happening. I’d use the 3D rotation commands, not the 2D change angle:

Create an empty scene with Boxy at the centre. Then use a set of keys to modify the x, y & z rotation values, and see how it affects the model. From that, work out how to rotate your model in the game.

Thanks, I solved it.

Excellent. Could you share how you solved it, maybe with screen snips of your events, so others who come across this topic can see the solution?


Always change the angle of Boxy set to Boxy.AngleToPosition(Camera.X(),Camera.Y())-90