3D objects improvement.

We currently can create 3D blocks only in GDevelop, however if you want to create a 3D game with beautiful models,.
Maybe the import of 3D models from a free editor (like sketchup for example) is an answer to the problem, and it would use a single image as texture.

Also if you want an animated 3D object, I thought of two solutions :
•A built in 3D object creator and editor, with different parts being defined in a single 3d object. (Complicated…)
This feature would more ressemble SolidWorks since it assembles pieces.
•Simply do separated objects, and link them with single point. (Less complicated)

Please, think about this feature, as it would make 3D games easier to develop and more beautiful.

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I forgot to tell that the best 3D extension is .obj as it can also have textures in it.


GDevelop is a 2D game creator. So, 3D objects features are not top priority at all

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