3d Physics behavior

I was thinking, if its not too hard, you could add 3d physics!
Like the physics behavior(still not sure on the difference between a behavior and an extension), but 3D!

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i am working on a extension to add kinda this, really just adds gravity/jumping, doesn’t have jump sustain time tho, look out for it (Jumping In 3D)

oh nice, those would only work well if 3d boxes worked right tho since theres no collision for Z, i mean if you want more than 1 floor

Well I’m a way you can, but it’s scuffed, it requires changing the floor height variable if you are above a object and below or above at a certain z level, the example will show how I did it but it kinda is glitchy XD and requires a lot of fine tuning it’s mostly just a pain

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