3D Platform Problem!

So im now making a new game called the last of us and its a 3d parkour game.The problem is that i cant find a behaviour to make a 3d block into a platform.I tried the platform behaviour but that just brings an invisible barrier on the block no matter the height so the player cannot jump on it on move on it. Any ideas to solve my problem.
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There is an extension called “3d jump” and it has stuff like 3D Collision

Nope its nowhere I tried to search it but it didnt come up

Its in the extensions list. Go to the project manager in the top left > Go the extensions section and click the plus> Do a search for 3D. 3D jump should be at the top

The icon looks this.
Screenshot from 2024-03-13 10-13-48

Nope look what do you think is the problem here

Turn on community extensions.

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Yeah that’s the problem

Ok but my real problem is still not solved it still just goes through the 3d boxes like they are not there.

Yes thankyou and sorry for my noobness its my second time making 3d so im just a beginner.
But there is still one problem the player does stand on the box but the box dissappears any idea.Or it will then be hard for the player to parkour!