3rd event not working

the third event in the attachment is not working… please help…

  1. You don’t need the pause the timer in scene beginning
  2. Is the Second Dialog ever shown?
  3. I think you want to also delete the timer in the 3rd event

Delete Pause Timer and Reset Timer from your code.
Add Delete timer “Dialogue2End” from memory under DelectObject DialogueTrigger.

Lol! We post the same answer at the same time!


yes the second dialogue is shown but never hided

firstly when i have not paused the timer the whole code doesn’t

works but when i added pause the scene timer action the second event worked…

the dialogue has appeared but it doesn’t disappaer

it also not worked as shown in attachment.

I’m not saying your lying but it is impossible for any timer action to change the fact action 2 is executed or not.

As I said, delete pause (1st block)and delete reset(2nd block) timers from your code and it works.