4 questions - Image editor zoom, Variable status and 2 more

Hi all,

I’ve 4 questions

Firstly, the image in my image editor can at times be extremely small. Is there any way to zoom?
This image is just for reference

For example, i have a game where a tar trap will only affect non-flying creatures
If i have example 20 creatures, it will seem dumb to have a collision check event made for every creature right?
Is there a way like assign a variable status to and check from there.
Eg. variable status - 0 = Non-flying
1 = Flying
Then assign accordingly to creature type
On collide - If variable status check = 0
- speed-5

Also, is there a way to have a condition on collision without having to specify a specific 2nd colliding object?

Lastly, for beat’em ups and fighting games, usually they have multiple collision boxes (forgetting hit and attacking hit boxes etc.)
Is there a way to create and name the collision box in the editor instead of having to create hitbox objects and sticking them to the player?

edit: heheh, one more question if i may
i saw a storage under actions. is it for storing and retrieving data like status and stuff? If so, how do i use it?

Thanks in advance. Any help will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

No, there is no way right now because a limitation from the GUI library used by GD, but 4ian is working on a new IDE, so in a future it could be possible :slight_smile:

If the creatures are different objects, you can put them in a group called “Creature”, and assign to every object the type in an object variable, for example edit the object Dragon >> add the variable “Type” = “Flying” >> and add the Dragon object to the “Creature” group.
Now you can do it:

[code]Conditions: Player collides with Creature
Actions: No actions
// Sub-event 1
Conditions: Variable Type of Creature is = “Flying”
Actions: Do something when Player collides with a flying creature

    // Sub-event 2
    Conditions: Variable Type of Creature is = "Non-flying"
    Actions: Do something when Player collides with a non-flying creature[/code]

If you want to check collisions between the same type of objects, for example “Dragon collides with Dragon”, you have a little big problem, let me know if it’s what you mean and I will explain this further :neutral_face:

That would be awesome, but no, if you want to check specific hitbox collisions you have to do it, you could play with frames too but that would be even more difficult.

Yes, with the storage conditions/actions you can save/read values in the local system (a file, browser storage). I have written about it a couple of times, for example: [url]https://forum.gdevelop.io/t/how-to-save-progress/11344/5]

Following on from Lizard-13’s mention of groups, you could just put all the non-flying creatures in one group and then just check for collisions with that group and the tar trap object.

Hi Lizard-13 and mattlab,

Thanks guys for always answering our questions

Shucks, looking forward to the new version then. Any leads on a release date for the new version?

Had no idea i could use groups like that. Thought it was only for housekeeping purposes. Thanks will play around with it :slight_smile:
edit: Thanks! That worked!

I was thinking more like having to make a collide event for all 20 creatures which will prob bog down the program. But i think mattlab has answered the problem. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Ok thanks. Thought there will be a better way of doing it

Thanks for the link. Will look through it :slight_smile: