64 bit windows required

I am creating a game (Evil owl and the quest for the dewhurst) but there is a problem, when I try to launch the game it says “64 bit windows required” I find this rather odd as 2D platformer games don’t take up any ram at all, making a platformer game 32 bit exclusive is rather odd. I want to get my game running on 32 bit windows

GDevelop only officially supports 64 bit OSes, not just Windows.

32 bit Windows isn’t officially supported by Microsoft anymore outside of extended support, either.

There are some unofficial builds for 32 bits on the forums but they may be older, and are unsupported so you may run into bugs or performance issues that we won’t be able to assist with.

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Windows 10 does still support 32 bit, however, they no longer sell 32 bit to OEMs

To be clear:

  • Windows 10 64 bit does support 32 bit exes, but that’s not quite the same thing.
  • Windows 10 32 bit (as an OS) went into extended support in May 2020, along with not selling it to OEMs.
  • Intel Desktop CPUs stopped having support for 32 Bit OSes since 7th gen (Kaby Lake), which was over 5 years ago now.
  • GDevelop 5 has not had official 32 bit support since GD5 was released.

People are welcome to work through compiling 32 bit versions of GD5 if they understand enough to do so, or find the unofficial builds some people have put out. However, 32 bit operating systems are unsupported by GD5, as are any 32 bit builds of GD5.

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