A better visibility in the debugger's inspectors

In my projects I use a lot of variables. Things get complex and then I spend a lot of time with the debugger to check the different variables values to find where it bugs.
But for every new game preview, when opening in the debugger, “Global Variables” or “Scene variables” all the variables fields are open, the arrows down.

It would save, at least in my case, a lot a lot of time, if the arrows could be closed when the debugger look at a new preview. Or else a button to close all arrows. All the arrows that represent a Variable (not the “value” ones).

Or else a quick search to find a specific variable by its name and children. But the first option should be much easier to make.

What do you think?
To me it would make sense, in order to look at quickly the variables that I want, and not to have to scroll a long time or close manually each arrow. Is there a reason why all fields are open?

And again, thanks a lot for developing this amazing software, that’s great!!!

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I agree, the variables displayed in the debugger could do with some enhancements.

Currently the variables are listed in the order they were created. Having some quick search (like what conditions and actions have) would definitely be an improvement.

Either that, or have them listed in alphabetical order.

Or, as some debuggers allow, have a watch window that lets you specify which variable to display.

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Yes, any of these solutions would be great!