A button change color

so i have a normal button, and i want it to change color when disabled how do i do that?(pls say if more info is needed)

You can change the tint, or have a second animation that you set the button to if it’s disabled.

thats the thing a “button” object cant do that

Ah, I didn’t realise you used a GDevelop provided button. In which case I would create another button but with a different colour, and replace the clickable one with the second unresponsive one on the screen.

it there a better way bc i have 9 buttons that need to do that

I don’t think you can get around it, but I stand to be corrected.

One thing to make it a bit easier is to put the buttons into an object group (say called buttonGroup).

Then iterate for each buttonGroup, and if the button should be disabled, create a disabled button at the position, set the label to teh original button’s label and delete the original button.

You may also want to add a string variable of the object name of the button that is being deleted, so you can recreate it if it ever gets activated.

What if you use an object effect?

i tried it but then i could disable it

If you want the effect disabled then you use the enable an object effect and set it to yes or no. You can disable the effect with an at the beginning and then set the state when you change the interaction state.

What effect do i need to use

That’s up to you. I’m not familiar with all of the effects. Try a few. I’m not sure that you can easily make them a single color. There’s color map and color replace. The map allows all of the colors to be swapped while the replace only does 1 color. You could make the buttons darker by using the brightness effect with a brightness of .5 That would give the greyed out look like in Windows.

You could use MrMen’s technique. Or try placing a semi-transparent colored sprite over the button and then show/hide it. It might require a different blending mode. Unfortunately, I’m not at my PC.

Sometimes, it takes experimenting and trial & error. Maybe also put in a suggestion for the abality to change a buttons hue or add a state image for disabled.