A dedicated text tutorial

There’s no reason why text can be as frustrating as it is when you’re wanting it to function a certain way and it feels like no amount of research can give you answers and you feel lost.

I don’t know why GDevelop doesn’t have an official dedicated video tutorial on their official YouTube page or within the app itself, especially when it comes to using Yarn, but I feel like they really need to change that.

I’m not just saying this, due of frustration, but to also prevent new folks who just started game dev to be just as frustrated as me, if they’re looking into making a story-driven game that’s heavy on text and dialogue.


Text and the dialogue engine are actually completely separate (and some people use Yarn for things other than text dialogue itself).

In regards to the Yarn/yarnspinner dialogue system, a community contributor, WorriedPixels has made a fantastic tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AggBlhV6O4o

Hopefully the above helps, but if you’re looking for something else please provide more context and folks may be able to see if it already exists/needs to exist/etc.

What are you searching to do?

I already watched both of his videos on the matter. While both were extremely helpful, I’m stuck on trying to get dialogue from looping, after the last line of text is displayed.

Also, just for one cutscene, I was trying to make it to where the dialogue goes to the next line of text automatically without a button press.

While I watched worriedpixels video on the matter and he told me what to do, I don’t know how to make that happen in the engine.

Other words, what conditions and events should I do or use to make all this possible.

And I tried to look up solutions, but all I tried hasn’t been successful. Here’s my code:

I’m just tired of doing certain things related to text or dialogue in GDevelop and getting stuck even when I try to look up solutions.

If anyone knows what conditions and actions I need to put here in order to have automatic dialogue and to prevent dialogue from looping, please let me know.