A few different problems and ideas

My personal GD wish list 2019

:white_check_mark: add object folders for the object editor (like event groups) [70]
   (maybe with a eyes icon for hide all objects in a folder in the scene editor)
:white_check_mark: add more formatting to the text object (text-align, line-spacing, underlined, gradient, shadow…) [75]

:white_check_mark: move “About GDevelop” from “File” to “Help”
:white_check_mark: add a browser favicon to the website and forum
:white_large_square: remember the sidebars width
:white_large_square: increase width of object properties window, etc. (maybe fullscreen like event editor)
:white_large_square: sort variables in the variable editor
:white_large_square: sort objects into object groups editor
:white_large_square: rename group names automatically in events, like object names already do
:white_check_mark: add zooming for points, hitboxes, animation preview [76]
:white_large_square: bring text color and text size back in the new forum (maybe also attachments)
:white_large_square: make the coordinates mouseovers and cursor coordinates optional in preferences
:white_large_square: delete old update installation files from the Temp folder

:white_check_mark: run the game preview in 100% resolution [65]
:white_check_mark: 1px offset in platformer behavior [62]
:white_large_square: 1px offset in hysics2 behavior and hitbox preview
:white_large_square: moving center point moves also the hitbox :thinking:
:white_check_mark: it drag and drops the wrong object into the scene if you use the search [76]
:white_large_square: the new hitboxes and points mousewheel zoom feature zooms in the wrong direction
:white_large_square: the tooltip “Drag and drop the object to the scene …” pops up every time you click on an instance
    :roll_eyes: Please delete, this tip makes no sense, especially not with placed objects.


Play music(on channel) does not work in game preview if you don’t press a button or click before the screne is ready.
Not with “At the beginning of the scene”, not with player is on floor, collision with ground, variable = 1, etc.
Also not with scene timer, if I don’t press a button before the timer is over, the music will never start.
All other action works as expected, not this one.

The music issue is a safety feature of Chrome. I don’t think we can circumvent this.
You have to make the player touch the screen in some way like displaying a button “Touch to start”.

I had the same problem with music, i was struggling with my game because there was no sound and finally run from main scene and suddenly music appeared :astonished:

Nice, the problem is that the same object can be added to multiple groups at the same time (you can have an object “Rock” added to the groups “Platform”, “Solid”, “EnemyObstacle” and so on).

But don’t worry, the plan is to support slashes “/” in object names to show them in such groups :wink: