My GD wishlist 2020

Because some good points from my list last year were implemented and it’s not possible to edit, i’m starting now a new list of things that are important to me.

:white_large_square: add object folders to the object editor
(like GD event groups, photoshop, unity, construct, godot,…)


It would be very, very helpful for games with more than 30 objects.
Tags do not serve the purpose.

:white_check_mark: [93] remember the sidebars width or use the minimum as default
:white_large_square: make the coordinates mouseovers and cursor coordinates optional in preferences
:white_large_square: allow custom hitboxes to be larger than the sprite
:white_large_square: use another project file extension, to link with GD and faster opening

:white_large_square: hitboxes and points mousewheel zoom, zooms in the wrong direction
:white_large_square: it’s not possible to pull custom hitbox into corners/edges, bc it binds to the cursor if you leave the object
:white_large_square: 2px Y offset in Physics2 behavior


These 2px spaces are visible in the game and hitbox editor. Also collisions don’t work therefore.
The same bug has been fixed for platform-character behavior in beta 62.
Also on the right side are 2px offset now, it wasn’t a year ago.

:white_large_square: wrong explorer paths [50% fixed]

  • Opening a project(.json) starts in the last used asset folder
  • Adding a sprite starts in the project root directory
    Please swap this behavior, it makes no sense.

:white_large_square: Objects and textures flicker and blurred if the camera is fixed on the player

Pixel-Art // Graphics Issue // vertical row disappear / flickering parts when camera moves

:question: player is lagging and moving on a moving platform

Lagging on moving platform

:question: set the center point to another position, it also moves the hitbox


Is it a bug or feature?
Things like that are not possible as expected.


This is a very practical function, the game is getting bigger and bigger, pictures will be difficult to manage!:+1:

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This thing need to be added

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