A few questions about HTML5

Hello wonderful gdevelop community.
I have a few problems with my game (The point and click idea was great by the way.)
Anyways it works just fine in my browser while testing. It also works fine in the intel XDK emulator.
But when I tried it on two different android devices I had both of these problems.
1: No sound will play. I tried everything to fix it, but it’s still not working. Any ideas what I did wrong?
2: There’s a blank white screen for a few minutes before it starts up. Is there a way I can put a loading screen here? Or remove this 10-20 second white screen?
Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Sorry for double post, but I was adding additional information.
I’ve been using WAV files, but I’ll be changing them to OGG files shorty. Maybe this’ll fix it? Also that white screen persists. Is this because the game is too large? I noticed the smaller example games worked just fine. One last thing. Can I change those white bars colors around my game? Black would suit my game a little better. I’ll try to remove these but all android devices are different sizes so I might can’t get rid of it completely. My scenes are 1086x768

The HTML5 sound system have been changed for the next version of GDevelop which will come out in some days. :wink:

Alright good to know. I can’t wait to try it :smiley: good thing I only have 5 sounds so far. Redoing anything shouldn’t be too hard :wink:

I don’t think so. You could active the fullscreen, your game would be stretched in devices with different resolution, but the white borders will disappear :slight_smile:

Have you tried lower resolutions?

Actually I think it’s already in full screen :\ I’ll keep messing around till it’s about right I guess. EDIT: I updated gdevelop and the sound issue still persists :frowning:

Ugh it’s back again. That example file plays sound just fine, but my game doesn’t :frowning:
This is a different gdg file. My events are below. Sound works fine with native testing, but in my browser and on my android device there’s no sound what so ever… (Please don’t laugh at my events. There a bit messy, but work just fine.)

Can you share that example? I could test it in some browsers :slight_smile:

What if you use musics actions instead of sounds ?

I tried changing to music. Same result. Uhh i’m a bit uncomfortable sharing my file (1-2 months work) Can I test it in different browsers? Mine always does IE :frowning: I don’t know how to test it in chrome.

Define Chrome as your default web browser, as GDevelop uses the default web browser.

Alright that fixed the browser sound :smiley:
Uhh that doesn’t fix my android problem does it?
I’ll compile it once again and see what happens.

I don’t think so, GD doesn’t use the browser to compile the game, I think :neutral_face:

Oh, excuse me, as I only saw four events I thought it was an example file with just that scene :smiley:

Alright works fine now :smiley: thank you very much. I’ll probably be back tomorrow with sound issues again XD
Hopefully it won’t do it again.