A few questions from a newbie

Ok, as a new user of Game Develop, I got tons of questions, but don’t worry, I won’t bother you with asking, before I am sure I can’t find the answers by myself. For now, just three questions:

First, and most important, is it possible to make a Scene with all its events by scripting? I mean something like this: Insert a scene, add its objects as usual, then open some kind of an editor to program the events needed in a single text file which would be interpreted by Game Develop. Basically, I am asking if I can use a scripting language to implement all events used in a scene instead of putting them there one by one with mouse clicks. If I understand well, one could use a Template to do something like that, but I am not sure.

Second, is it possible to have two scenes with different window sizes? As far I can tell, all scenes must have the same window size as defined in project’s properties.

Third, is there any shortcuts for things used often, such as Scene preview? or return to Events window after previewing the scene?

Game Develop has not scripting language. But, there is a experimental feature which is : coding events in GD (Game Develop) with the C++ language.

Maybe, you can use the actions provided in “Game’s window”.


Well, to do that, one needs to know the API used by Game Develop. As you say it is an experimental feature for now, I’m guessing there is limited info about that, but please let me know where I can find more info or examples to get started (I know C++, although it was never my programming language of choice due to its very limited -basically, not existant- mathematical features).

Indeed, there is an action called “change the size of the screen”! Thank you for the info.

Am I the only one who uses Scene preview a lot and think shortcuts are necessary? :cry: :frowning: :astonished:

Ok, so you have to download the GDL SDK.
It is used to create extension (plugin), like one of my extensions for GD (Array Extension, extension Tableaux) : http://levasseursoftware.comxa.com/?page_id=4
There is a documentation in the GDLSDK folder.

But, in the last version of GD you can create “scripts” directly in Game Develop in the C++ language with this SDK.
More information about the SDK (in french) : [url]Game Develop 1.5.10139 SDK]

Afterwards, you have to configure GD (General > Options > C++) and type the directory where le GDLSDK is extracted.
Then, in the window where there is the game’s screen size, active the checkbox “Use the C++ features”.

Finally, you can use C++ files in GD.

Time to study the GDL SDK. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

If you want to use C++ inside Game Develop, you have indeed to activate C++ features for your game in the properties.
Then, there is a window that will guide you so as to download several files, including GDL SDK, so as to make Game Develop able to compile C++ files.

The same files are needed if you want to develop extensions or use C++ inside Game Develop, so if you download GDL SDK and follow the help file, you will also be able to use C++ in Game Develop without any additional downloads, only by specifying some paths in Game Develop options.