A few questions to start making gemes on gdevolp 5

So first i wanna change from arrow keys to wasd
Also i have a sword texture but i need a inv system and a way for him to get the sword and damage stuff
Also need hp bar for enemy and guy and be able to change it
respawn system
cutscene when starting the game
a another map

(i think im asking for too much but can someone help me with this i have more stuff but i dont want to spill out all of it)

Hi wirable and welcome. That’s a big list :slight_smile: Each item could potentially require a lengthy explanation, with links and examples. It can be summarised with “How do I make a game with GDevelop?”. That’s too broad. I’ve only been using GDevelop since last April, but here’s what I did:

  1. Research. Read the Wiki, look at the GDevelop examples and watch YouTube tutorials, both the official channel and others.
  2. Make simple games/prototypes by following those tutorials, even if the tutorials aren’t making a game type that you intend to make or are particularly interested in. It all helps to understand how GDevelop works so that you can make things you’re interested in.
  3. Make simple prototypes on your own when you feel more confident. Focus on a specific thing you want to do: make an inventory or make a dialogue system or make a combat system etc. Don’t try to do it all at once e.g. maybe one prototype is just the inventory and nothing else.
  4. Begin work on a larger and more polished project that you want to share with other people, bringing all the various systems together into a game.

I know that’s not as exciting as making your dream game starting right now, but I think it’s a good idea to start with the basics and start small, else you may not understand things and become frustrated. GDevelop is much easier to learn than other engines and great for getting things done quickly, but small steps are still needed when you first start out.

On that journey, when you get stuck with something specific, the forum is a great place to ask for help. Instead of “How do I make an inventory” you may find you’re asking something like “My inventory items appear in the wrong place. How do I make them line up in the order they are collected? Here are my events.” etc.

Good luck with your projects.

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Thanks for your advice i currently am focusing on making a simple platformer game game but i hope i can make something what i imagine too one day…I will try to find answers to those and a few other as variable and stuff. thanks tho for your advice

Edit: I feel like i know what to make but it might be a bit hard its a platformer with three lv so i need to make a gate and keys and all that

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For doing this, a simple way is to use the shape painter object. Set it to draw from X,Y where it starts to your Variable(hero_health), y (height you want the bar.
Then, when in combat, the bar can be redrawn to match the hero_health (say every time he is hit, his health goes down 5 pts.) and be sure to make sure to have the action" render between frames" set to yes, so it updates real time. When attack is over, switch it to no to retain the bar on screen. Do another one for your enemy, het creative and do the variables on the vertical for side energy bars. The nice thing is no image or drawing on your part is required, but you could put it behind a snazzy “casing” with an empty slot in the middle if you wanted to make it fancy. Hope that helps point you in a starting direction on that one :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip although i don’t really understand the X and Y part. I suppose i can go to the wiki considering the fact ive found something like that but thanks for helping me.Also what i am trying to make is a platformer so i suppose a spike will do damage or something like that so i have a texture for health i just don’t understand how to make it work

That’s great, the wiki is really helpful, and there are some awesome videos out there. If you don’t mind, I drew up a little drawing to help explain the x,y positions because I understood from your reply these might not be clear, and since they are a fundamental of the engine, maybe this helps If I misunderstood, please ignore.

When you start Gdevelop, the game window has an x-axis which is running horizontally, and a y axis which is vertical, basically a flipped over Cartesian grid. the upper most left corner of that game window is the points (0,0) every pixel across or down adds one. So if you want to make something (like your health bar) in the top left corner, you could start it at x of 10 and y of 10, basically 10 pixels over from the left game window edge, 10 down from the game window top. Objects, when created have their origin point at the top left corner by default. So I hope that helps in explaining the x and y positions.
I hope that helps, but apologies in advance if I am telling you stuff you already know, it just seemed like it might not have been clear, and it bugged me all day. :slight_smile:

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and so on…

Thanks and i appreciate your help i feel like i understood it a bit by now