A few questions

I would like to have some tips please

1.Im trying to achieve a shake/tilt screen based on an event. Basically if the player touch the wrong button it makes the screen shakes for a second or two…is there an “easy way” for that?

2.i attached an object to the side of a timebar. (with a custom “rightsidepoint” in the bar sprite editor) The time bar decreases with the variable “temps” and the events
-do - 10*TimeDelta() to scene variable temps
-Do =Variable(temps) /100 to the width’s scale of timebar2
So the attached object is moving as the bar decreases but its position is not attached to the right side of the bar as i would.
At the beginning it’s outside the bar and as the bar is decreasing the object enter “inside” the bar… It looks awfull :smiley:

3.next time :wink:


I didn’t tested it, but someone made a screeshake effect lately on github : https://github.com/4ian/GDevelop/issues/891#issue-401025400

Try to search also on the forum, some examples have been done in the past for GD4 (so it might be reproduced with GD5).

For your 2nd question… hard to know what’s happening, can we see your events or, better, an example with just your 2 object and variables ?

Ok thanks for the link. I’m sorry i should have search first in the forum, i only googled it…
And i will post an exemple asap