A few simple Isometric game questions

Hi guys,
I am making my first Isometric game and I have a few questions.

First of all I don’t understand why the background of the Isometric template is tiled? I have replaced it with one solid background and it seems to work fine. But maybe that is the reason I am having some problems that seem unrelated to me?

Second, the game doesn’t seem to respond when I edit the hitboxes. When I create a graphic (just a simple square made with Piskel) and add the PathfindingObstacle to it the hitbox still is way bigger than the image and even bigger than my custom hitbox. I am currently using the default character (Minda) who has a very small hitbox on her shadow. When I use the “Move” action she walks very far from the obstacle. That is a problem since my background has pretty detailed paths with obstacles being close to each other.

My third problem is that when I play the game, Minda tends to just “jump” over obstacles when the desired path is too far away or to complex. Does that have anything to do with my background being one solid image in any way? For lakes and rivers I combine two or more obstacles to create a shape that looks similar to the lakes and rivers.

My background image is a map with streets, rivers and small lakes. I don’t want Minda to jump over the lakes (as she tend to do right now). Also I noticed that the obstacles in the template look different than regular graphics when I edit them. They don’t have the option to edit the hitboxes. How are they made? I might mention that I am using a combination of pathfinding and topdown movement since the player should be able to both click on a destination on the map to go there or walk there “manually” with the keyboard.



Try to use thick hidden walls like the example, it should fix the jumping.
Tiled sprites and 9-patch sprites cannot have a custom hitbox, so there is no option.

Ok, I’ll check if the graphics is 9 patch or tiled. It seems strange tho, since I made the obstacle in Piskel as a simple black rectangle.

Also, why would I want the background to be split into tiles as in the template?



Tiles can be reused in multiple places, it’s handy, and they can be deleted when out of sight.
Also, mobile phones can’t load huge images.

Ok, I understand. Thanks for info.

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