A glitch in the game after exporting to mobile

When I export the game to try it on mobile, there are some differences in the strength of the movement. For example, the throwing force is stronger when tried on a mobile phone, but when tried on a computer, the force is appropriate as you specified in the program, and I do not know why this difference occurs.

Note that I have tried it on more than one phone

In mobile phone typically have less process power and memory as comparing to desktop computer. This affect your performance in game. And the sensitivity of touch is different in mobile screen from the mouse or keyboard in desktop.

Well, that’s okay, but does this also continue if it is published on the Google Store on users’ phones?
When exporting to the phone, it is known that this export must be compatible with the phone right?

I will answer you without knowing in advance whether or not this corresponds to your problem. FPS on mobile phones are generally lower than on a computer because the processing power is less. If you have an action that moves X number of pixels each frame, the movement of that object will be directly related to the number of frames per second. Therefore, the higher the FPS, the more forces per second will be experienced. In the case of a throwing force, if the force applied is to decrease the speed, the logical thing is that at a lower FPS there will be less force per second that counteracts the initial one. In Gdevelop the force is based on the movement per frame, but does not take the latter into account. To solve this, multiplication by deltatime between frames is generally used in programming. Another thing you can do is manage movements with tween.
Is it possible that this is your problem?

Thanks for the clarification
I did not face this problem before the latest update to GDevelop.
Regardless of your clarification, when I export to the APK extension, this must be compatible with the mobile. It is known that the GDevelop program is not designed only for Windows. This problem must be clarified by the program maker. I pay for the export to the APK extension for the experiment, and it is not an extension that is compatible with Windows.