A Issue I'm having when I try to export my game

When I try to export my game (even if I try to export 1 file), I keeps saying “Something wrong happened”.

I did check the build log, & 3 times I tried to export my game, it says “Error: unexpected end of file”. Is there & problem I need to fix that I’m unaware of? Or probably something is wrong with the export system? :confused:

Probably nothing is wrong with the export system.
Have you checked in the Resources tab that you have no invalid resources?

Try building one of our popular example projects, see if it works.

I checked on the resources tab, & I see invalid resources (no yellow & red texts). & I built one of your example projects & it was built successfully. I don’t get why mine ain’t building right.

It can be many things.
You should try to fill all the fields in the project properties, generate the icons, and check everywhere (in the scenes) for mandatory fields that you left empty.
If all that fails, press ctrl-shift-i during preview to check the Console, see if you get errors in red.

I have fix & still looking for some issue with some scenes. But here’s the issue I found when I click on my leaderboard icon to load up the leaderboards, Here’s 3 screenshots of a scene & some events.

That error is a forbidden access, I don’t think it would prevent the export.

So, How can I fix that?

Review everything :person_shrugging:
Unfortunately, the error doesn’t give details.

You could try to File/Save as your project in another folder. Then close GDevelop, reopen, open that new saved project and try again.

Alright, I could try that. I will also make sure other scenes are doing alright & working as intended to hopefully export my game correctly.

I instead export my game manually, And it works. But I’m having a minor issue with the icon. It just keeps telling me that the default electron icon is used & the reason is the application icon is not set (even when I rename the file from buildResources to build). :sweat_smile:

Edit: Nvm about the icon, I think I figured it out. :smiley: