A keep size ratio on custom size checkbox

A keep size ratio on custom size


If you change the size of an object in the editor, hold down shift while click and dragging the white grab tags. The object’s size ratio is maintained.

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Yes, but sometimes one wants to exactly double etc the size or some other precise thing by typing in one of the new values and a checkbox to maintain ratio would make this much easier.


well yes and no, if you change the animation, after resizing shift, the size of that animation doesn’t match the size and ration and you have to do it all over again. not to mention animation changes while the game is running, so much overhead efforts for one thing.

plus what if I want a specific height and ratio down to the last pixel? shift resizing with a hand with carpal tunnel is an inconvenience

Turn on grid, and set it up to be 1x1. When you then shift drag it will snap to the vertices and keep the sizes as integers, and not floats.

still a lot of effort, I wish we could code our own IDE plugins in gdevelop

I never said it wouldn’t be :smiley:

But as an interim, it is a solution.