A new problem....

Ok, if you have helped me before, you know that I am not a genious. Far from it actually. I have run into another problem.

I have the Enemy Ships and Astroids spawning and moving correctly. They even shoot and do dmg when the ammo hits the player ship.
When I go into Preview, I, as the player, start shooting the enemy ships. I am able to kill between 8 and 20 then the enemy ships stop taking ammo dmg. It almosty looks like after the final killable enemy ship, the player ammo will pass right through the Enemyship with out collision. I have double checked the Player ammo in collision with Enemy ship and it seems right. I have also check and double checked the Hit Box on the Enemy ship.

I am kind of stuck now since after a certain number of kills, the enemies stop taking damage

Any thoughts?

It would be extremely useful if you could either: Screeoshot the events related to your problem OR (even better) upload your game file in your post. Then we can sort your problem out easily. : )

How do I upload?

And damn you’re fast :stuck_out_tongue:

When you write a post, in the bottom (below the Preview and Submit buttons) is a little tab “Options” and “Upload attachment”, the last one is what you are looking for :wink:

Hope I do this right. I know how to Upload pictures, but not a complete game file with .png’s and other items.

Slider3.gdg (136 KB)

It would seem I could only upload this file. I am assuming that is the code file and you do not need the music, sounds, or GFX?

You can upload pictures and everything by putting all your stuff in a .zip archive and uploading that with your post.

After a quick look over your code, I can’t find the problem. :confused: It would be helpful to be able to play-test it to see the error happen.

Friend me on FB. mdarbazanjian at bresnan dot net I’ll send you the folder. Currently I’m trying to do the wrap around. but for some reason, when I put the center of the screen at 0/0 and I preview it, I only see the top left vector. Seriously irritating me.

You should probably change your E-mail to something like thisismyemail {at} somewhere {dot} net

Otherwise it can be mined!