A New Start- A New Question- Why is GDevelop Skipping Code

I’m back to creating GDevelop games after about 6 months and have naturally forgot a few things about it. But one thing that strikes me about my present problem is lack of wrong code logic or at least i cant seem to find it.

I am trying to create a player choose screen with the following event logic:

The next button jumps from the first player avatar to the third one, why is that, and how do i fix the problem?

The first event’s actions are making the 2nd event true. So, they both get triggered like dominos.

Any suggestions as how to fix it?

The simplest way is to swap over events 2 & 3. So drag the 3rd event to be straight after the top event.

Some else had a similar issue . This is one way.

The boolean method did the trick! Thanks a lot!!!

I figured out the problem, i was using the same sprite button for all the screens with the same button press conditions. I modified it to button release and it worked!