A place to see how many hours we have spent on Project or Gdevelop in General

Pretty much what the title says, it would be really useful to know how many hours we spend on our projects or in GDevelop. Additionally, knowing the average number of hours we spend per day on GDevelop can help us better plan our projects and workspace.

Having a place to see how many hours are spent on a project would be beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it provides valuable insights into our productivity and time management. By tracking the hours spent on each project, we can identify any inefficiencies or areas where we may need to allocate more time. This information also allows us to estimate future project timelines more accurately, enabling us to set realistic goals and deadlines. Furthermore, it facilitates collaboration by allowing team members to see each other’s contributions and progress. Overall, having a centralized location to monitor project hours promotes transparency, accountability, and improved project planning.

Hello Kruger,
It might to be exactly what you’re looking for, but agencies, studios and companies usually track their time spent on a project, scene or scope with tools like Jira, Teamwork, Basecamp or even Notion. That is used to invoice clients depending on the amount of hours working on X or Y part of the project (as time spent on the app is not necessarily an indicator of productivity).

However, if you are still looking to know how much time you spend on certain softwares, I notice that Macs (for example) have a program included on their operating systems that allow you to follow such indicators :point_down:t3:

I ignore if other operating systems have something similar (?).

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