A point about Admob on Gdevelop 5

I try to understand what’s going on about admob on Gdevelop 5 .
Maybe i’m wrong. As i understand :

1/ Admob doesn’t work on Gdevelop 5. I followed the videos on youtube and the topics in the forum.

2/ On https://github.com/4ian/GDevelop/issues/512
“For now you need to export through Cordova manually to add the admob plugin com.google.cordova.admob”.
I try ‘cordova plugin add com.google.cordova.admob’ → npm ERR! 404 Not found : com.google.cordova.admob
By the way, all build fail with “cordova build android --debug” ->com.android.ide.common.process.ProcessException: Failed to execute aapt.
A blank project cordova build successfully.

3/ Question : Admob works on Gdevelop 4 ?
If yes → how to import a project from Gdevelop 5 to Gdevelop 4 ?

4/ If it’s not possible to import on Gdevelop4, and admob doesn’t work on Gdevelop 5 , how to install and configure the admob free plugin on a project on Gdevelop5 ?

I try to be factual as i can do. I note there’s some topics about admob but it’s confused to understand if it’s on G4 or G5.
I ruined a couple of days and hope to find constructively answers.


AdMob is being rewritten: https://github.com/4ian/GDevelop/pull/702

It was made to work even with the online build service (so no need to install Cordova in your PC at all), at the end there’s a comment with a test apk so you can check it out :slight_smile:

I followed this link https://github.com/4ian/GDevelop/pull/702

This is issue is merged on the github.
Doesn’t it mean now it works if i download Gdevelop 5 ?
Is it still gdevelop-5.0.0-beta55 ?

I use Admob with my game, i use beta 56, and all work very well :slight_smile:

Hey Bouh!
What did you do with AdMob to work? I don’t know why but my AdMob doesn’t show up at all. It doesn’t matter if it’s banner add or interstitial. When I start the game it shows me the game like there was no adds added :/. BTW I’m using GDevelop 5 beta build 57

You need export with android build service. Admob is available only with it (i’ve never try with other)

I think there could be a misunderstood here, as 4ian never removed the old AdMob extension. To make the new extension to work you don’t need special objects, just use the actions to load/show ads. Check the admob example to see how to use it :slight_smile:

Also, make sure to put a value in the admob application ID in the project settings, if it’s a test use any string (as “test” in the admob example), or your real application id for releases. If you leave it blank the admob plugin won’t be installed.

what is the difference between loading an ad and showing??
I mean you have to show it if you check show after load compolete when loading??
Do you have to load again to make it change?


Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

The difference is exactly that, load an ad just loads it (get the data from internet), don’t show the ad. Display/show the ad makes the ad to appear on screen.
The actions to load ads have the option to display it when finish loading, in case you just want to load and show it easily.

Why not just the load action?, because ads can take some seconds to load (videos can take several seconds). So if you plan to show the video ad when the user press a button, better preload the video at the beginning of the scene and then just display it, this way when the user press the button the video will show up immediately (if loaded).