A problem with a condition of objects

Hello, I want two objects to disappear to gather if the player clicked them, And it worked for me, but when he click one of them and then clicked another object ( It is a wrong answer for him ) by inverting the condition it doesn’t work.

Help me, please.

There are no ifa3el1 for the fourth event (in your screen shot) because you’ve deleted them in the third, or parent, event.

I tried the fourth event as an original but it made error for the first one. You are right, i noticed that but how could I solve it?

The last event looks like it’s setup as a subevent (it’s indented). I’m not sure if that was intentional. It has conflicting checks that won’t allow the 2nd to be triggered. Unless there are multiple mustkel objects, the cursor can’t be both on and off it. If there are multiple than that’s a whole other issue because instances can be tricky.

Also, & And is only really useful when inside an Or All conditions in an event must be true by default.

Thank you Keith, but how can I do rhat?

I think I understand now. I’m not at my PC and I don’t think I can explain clearly. I can add a picture later.

I believe you said the choices were in a group. If you check the group first for a mouse/touch and then use seperate sub events for mouse/touch is on the right answer and another for [inverted] mouse/touch is on the right answer then I think it will work.

The subevents would be subevents of the 1st event but not of each other.

You need to first check if one of the answers were clicked and then whether it was the right one.

If the delete(s) don’t work then you might need to use pick all objects for the group as an action before the delete(s).

I’m still not sure what you want to happen. This is an example of checking for whether the correct answer is clicked. This version just deletes the 2 objects if correct but just the incorrect answer if wrong. You’ll have to add your variables and customize the actions. This should get you closer.

Instances were tough for me to learn. I’m still a little unsure at times. It’s a different concept for me.

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