A question about a repeating world

I’m trying to figure out a way to do two things. First, have a “plane/flying object” akin to Gradius be able to move left and right and that if one goes far enough they will come back to where they were. To better illustrate: imagine your the player in a round room. Move either left or right, far enough, you come back to you start.

The second half, being able to track this on a mini map. The world itself is twice as tall as what can be seen, obviously wider than what is seen; about ten times wider.

Maybe this will fit your bill:

SO, that is near to what I’m trying. So imagine if you will, when you got to the far right and reach a limit, that you cycle around to the far left. TO give the illusion that you went “around” the world can came back to point 0.

Hopefully, the below image illustrates.

In this pic, the ball, moves right, reaches the end and “appears” partway on the other side and keeps on moving to the right. IF seen above, illustrated above that example, the ball went around the " world"

When you get far enough right…can you just change the X position to make it go back to the beginning? If you do your artwork right I think it would be seamless.

I tried something like this but it just caused a snapping effect. The camera follows the character, a bit offset. So when it jumps, it causes this snapping sort of thing.

You need to get the camera into position the same time you move the character to the other side of the scene. We can help with the code if you try it again and still get the snapping effect.

Roger roger, let me try that.