A question about object animations

Hi all! I’m hoping this has a simple answer. Basically, my game is going to have objects that look like this (the green thing):

When a player clicks it they can turn it into one of several different types of items, all varying in size. What I’d like is for, when a player turns it into a plant for example, for the plant to show up like this -

Or even better, like this (centered)

But the way things work by default is it shows up like this-

Is there a simple way to manipulate that at all or can an object only ever scale out and down from the top left corner?

The top left corner of all objects is the default “origin” point.

You have a few options:

  • Manually adjust all of the origin points of your other objects so their “origin” points are the same as your smaller green object.
  • Modify your events so they get created at “GreenObject.Y() - (NewPinkVase.Height() - GreenObject.Height()” instead of just GreenObject.Y()

Alight thank you! I’ll give that a try