A Small Example Game

I was wondering if I make “a small example game”, that can be play through in like 15-30min.
I would make “a video serie” to my youtube channel about making that game.
And I need your help to make this happen!

What I need:
-Game mechanics
-Story of the game
-Graphics (free art, example from opengameart or even better: community makes art!.. Or me if have to…)
-Music and sounds
So basically everything what game needs, but I’ll make it and for you and for me it would be very educational journey.
Of course when game is finished, I share it for you!

And I know everything in that list won’t happen so even genre and some game mechanics would be nice.

Yeah I could do this alone but I think this would be much funnier way to do it! :smiley:

So what do you thinks guys? Fire me with your ideas! :sunglasses:

I can help with the graphics, concept art, share some ideas on how it will look like guys (pixel art?). And of course let me know if you have any trouble with a mechanic :wink:

Thanks dude! I think the pixel art (surprise :laughing: ) is the one and only way! :smiley:

Maybe I could help with some events, send me a PM if I can help with anything.

Thanks! Sure I’ll do that!

Just some ideas:

  • Classic platformer with some hack&slash.
  • Top down survival, recolect resources in a lost planet to return, of course there are swarms of monsters, worse each day.
  • Repair survival, you have to spend your time correctly between repair an important object, upgrade, collect money, everything while each day more and more enemies come for you.

Yeah, could do something like the opening scene of No Man’s Sky. Crash landed on a planet, the ship engines damaged and fuel is lost. Need to collect resources to repair the ship and find fuel to get off the planet. Could also be that the ship is damaged beyond repair but there is an other faulty ship so we need to fix that one up by collecting resources and carry the parts of our ship over there using an inventory, limited or unlimited… As we carry the parts could fight some monsters just to make the travelling fun. Could also add some monsters that comes for the ship during the night. Day time collecting, crafting, repair night time tower defence around the ship we are fixing. Or similar to Riddick, if we launch the ship then monsters coming so we need to play a little tower defence only during the launch at the end as a closing scene if we fail at this point, game over.
Could also make it so after certain amount of time monsters are coming anyway for the ship or when we launch the ship, or a storm is coming in X amount of time and game over if we late but then monsters coming if repair done and trying to take off…
Could also add a leader board to see who was able to get off the planet faster, since it would be an example/tutorial for the community, 4ian could host it maybe?..Don’t know.

We can definitely use the musics shared by Eric Matyas. His got some really good songs. Only need to credit him…

FPS Creator does have some decent sound effects which is free to use. Including it for none commercial purposes should be fine.

being a top down pixel art I’m sure it would be relatively easy to do and find staff.
We could also make it sort of like a flat isometric style.

Not nice but fit the purpose and it would allow us the mix side scrolling platformer, isometric and top down view assets. It doesn’t need to perfectly fit.

I do also own AssetForge, I could make some simple assets with it in minutes even isometric ones and by reducing the resolution could make it look pixel art, not nice of that but would be pixelated :laughing:

I can recommend this tool to anyone, really awesome.

Great ideas, I have to check that No man’s skys opening scene! I like about that top down survival theme. But like @ ddabrahim said, it could be more like “a flat isometric” style, or something like this:

Absolutely! There are also pretty good music and sound effects for free with CCO license: https://opengameart.org/users/subspaceaudio

Leaderboard would be pretty nice thing to add. I think 4ian don’t have the time host this kind of small project, but I hope when game is ready 4ian could take the lead or something :smiley:

That is looks great but it is certainly going to be more complicated than flat level design.
I think would be better to start with a flat design if it coming together nicely, only then switch to isometric.

Well, it is an open-world game and you start on a planet with a broken ship and you need to mine resources to craft the items to fix the ship for take-off if you want. If you don’t, you can explore the planet and you may find an other ship even…

We don’t really need his time but a place for a database that we can read and write :laughing:
We can actually do the server part locally but then going to need a web server somewhere.

Ahm, if 4ian really wanted he could have been making a game anyway but he got paid even for his cat game. If you remember he raised something like 100k USD or EURO for making that game so… taking the lead, for free…not so sure. :imp:
But a place for hosting the database for leader board, maybe will see when/if the game will be ready to publish :slight_smile:
Could share it on GitHub under MIT, then it is more likely 4ian will be interested to host it… Some people then could also contribute down on the line in the future.

But that is kind of a flat design in that game. It looks more complicated than it is. But I don’t really mind how the game looks :smiley: Flat design is easier to do.

Yeah that would be nice.

Where are all the people who needs help with GDevelop! We need your ideas! Don’t be shy!

There you go…


Also, if I can help in any way (I can make music, sound fx, models and animation) let me know… Happy to help…

I have just realized you are still using GD4. Wondering if do you plan to make this in 5 or 4?
In case it is going to be 4, you may want to consider that 4 is no longer developed, even if receive any contribution 4ian may not going to bother to compile/test and release. Also, GD5 is not 100% backward compatible. When i converted the GD4 examples to GD5 often it was not as simple as saving in json from GD4 because the json coming from GD4 did not open properly in GD5. Sprite data, Animation data, Collision mask data and Events didn’t load properly in GD5 and needed to setup from scratch to get it working properly in GD5. And I think it is only going to getting worst as GD5 getting more and more features… I guess what I’m trying to say is that I vote for doing this in GD5 :stuck_out_tongue:

Except it is isometric, things can move behind and in-front of staff. The complicated part is to make sure all the assets fit each other and the system. For the system could use layers or playing with Z order. It easy to do, but to make the art to fit the system and each other is something I personally find challenging. With the flat design I have in mind, we could create the look and feel of isometric view but it would be not isometric for real we could not move behind staff initially at least. This way we could use and mix even top down view and platformer assets to create an isometric look and feel without the trouble. I know it is not very nice but can turn it in to isometric at any point once the core gameplay is done and working and staff… I’m not much of an artist, so I guess it would be interesting to know what others who could contribute with art think about it… It is down to the artist to make sure all the art fit each other and the system.

Yeah, I’m wondering too. I just offered to make a template for any kind of genre initially I proposed isometric RPG and I was asking for ideas and feedback, and except from 2 person no one really cared to comment. I was actually considering the very same thing you are, except I was thinking to write a documentation, kind of a book that would be included with the template, but since no one cared to reply I moved on…

Do not expect any feedback, even if you get some I recommend to do it because you want to do it and it is something you are interested in. Don’t do it for “them”. Honestly doesn’t worth it! You know when you done it, share it then no one care to at least drop a thanks to you just doesn’t worth it… Do it because you want it, the best case scenario if you actually need the staff you are doing and only share it for “them” to have it regardless if “they” need it or not… This is what I decided to do from now on and feels so much better :laughing:

I make this in gd5. The biggest reason why I’m using 4 is because I can’t make my biggest game project tundmatu in 5 (tilemap object).

This is pretty much I had in my mind! That should work.

Yep I have realise that before too. Own interest to do things is the way to do this kind of project :smiley:

But still I really hope if those people would say their opinion, because now it would be easy to do many “tutorials” at once.

Thanks @MeX1Co

I was reading this post since it got posted and i really like the ideas … but how about to make it feel like an isometric open world ?

Doesn’t need to be complicated … the game could be 40 mins to 1 hour long .

i played games that has (buy and sell . Gun stores . Equipment store and stuff like that … maybe 6 places to go in the whole game … a simple story “not required though” … but it could be very simple … maybe a simple inventory system) and the whole game could be finished in like 1 hour but it’s so much fun .

If you want to make it isometric maybe check out “Hob” loved this game and just the whole feel of it . Also “Grim dawn” is amazing . Just to give you more ideas .

Also something i noticed when i got into gdevelop … lots and lots of people are asking about (Save / load) including me . I see lot’s of people are lost about this .

Why not make a simple save and load system for this game (items you collect … things you buy for example).

I’m making a game right now but in levels . So i know how to save/load levels and i’m planning to make another game just open with no levels but i have no idea how (Save/load) in a big game like this could work .

Just wanted to help in anyway i can … i’m actually an artist but on paper “I draw realistic portraits and still life” but no talent yet in drawing for video games . Will get into it soon enough so i can help this community .

Good luck with the game you are making . I hope it’s going to be like a starting base for anyone getting into gdevelop to just see how far they can go with thier game :slight_smile:

Have a nice day …

I agree, not too complicated, but I hope there will be mechanics that would open beginners eyes. And of course I want to learn more too.
I think 15-30 min game should be good at the beginning. But we’ll see how the game build up.

Yeah I’ve noticed that too so I think that’s one thing to add in the game. My game project, called Tundmatu for now, is open world so that “save/load”- thing is kind of familiar to me. It’s not complicated but there is a lot of things to remember when you want to something to load etc.

Thanks! Can we see some of your works? Do you have portfolio somewhere? Just curious to see :slight_smile:

Jubeliuksen3 30 mins looks good but like you said this depends on how the game build up .

I think i saw screenshots of Tundmatu … a really cool game . I liked it a lot .
I’d really like to see some serious work on Save/Load … it’s really needed and would help lot’s and lot’s of people here in the community and would help me a lot making the open world i want to do .
. All what stopping me going from levels to open world is (Save/Load) .

Yeah of course you are very welcome to visit my page right here on FB m.facebook.com/KhaledsaliArt/?ref=bookmarks
Just paused lately because of two things … College … and Gdevelop … But soon i’ll be back with more realistic artworks :slight_smile:
Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Wow! Very nice! :open_mouth:

I think I give this topic another week and then what idea is best I take it. So there’s a week time to rapid fire some ideas! After that let’s go deeper what the game needs.