A way to easily convert old variables (conditions and actions) to 2024's new standard


regarding the new variable system: even if it would be enough for the variables to be declared, I would like it if the events were automatically converted into the new variable conditions and actions (as already mentioned here [Solved] UPDATE 5.4.203 / Variables not working anymore - #6 by 4ian).
Because the old events are no longer really supported, I find it somehow unclean. At least I would like a button or something similar that allows this to happen.
You could also quickly identify any errors using the red-marked variables.

Is something like this still planned?
If not, I’ll probably change all the variables manually, I just think it would be cleaner.

Best regards!

Hello Heinzl,
Thank you for your topic request.
Usually new undeclared variables would appear in red and underlined like this:

The old undeclared variables should work as usual… :thinking:

Could you please check through https://editor.gdevelop.io/ (which usually has the latest version) or that you have GDevelop’s version 5.4.204 on desktop, and let me know how you see the variables?

Thank you!

Hello Luni!

Thanks for the fast respond!

I have the latest version installed.

The old variables actually work, but I would somehow find it cleaner if the new variant were used. It’s more of an aesthetic thing than practical.

Currently the events look like this:

This is how I would like it:

Hope you understand, what I mean :smile:

EDIT: The red marked is because I have changed the structure a little bit - but thats okay, I would have had to make changes here anyway…

Thanks! :upside_down_face:
Best regards!

Thank you for your answer.
So, let me see if I understand correctly: you would like that the event sheet displayed the not updated (to the new system) variables in red; even if they work. Did I understand correctly?

Thanks :slight_smile:

No, Luni.

Heinzl is clearly asking for a tool to automatic convert all the old variable system events and actions in an existing project to the new variable system.

This, with the purpose of making easier to adopt the new variable system.

Otherwise, users feel cornered to have to manually update their existing projects (a serious project in GDevelop can be huge), or resign to keep the project in a messy state and trying to work with 2 existing variable systems in the project (which is an optimization nightmare), or abandon their current projects.

Heinzl is NOT asking for “displaying the old variables in red, even if they work”. That’s not the point.


What does an automatic tool do if a global and scene variable have the same name or if the same variable is used by text and number events… Which type should it choose.
To me it sounds like there is a lot of potential that the game will no longer work afterwards. So my guess is that there won’t be an automatic tool in the next few days, but a way to declare it a little more easily.

Make a report and prompt the user to choose.

That doesn’t make sense to me.

Unfortunately, you’re right.

I have my reasons to think is going to be a long way till we see the definitive polished version of this new system, but I hope to be wrong.

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