A way to pull animation frame number?

Hello, is there a way in events to go like - “variable = object.animationframe?” i checked “.animationframe” as well as just “.frame” and neither of those things exist. Any other way to do it?

Right now I’m considering doing a condition that checks an object’s current frame and then assigning that number to a variable, but with what I’m currently trying to do, I’d have to do that several hundred times. Being able to just pull the frame number in some other way would be just so much easier.

Here’s a workaround I figured out. I do have concerns about this potentially being too slow and bugging something out. The frames of my animations will be going to 75, so if the frame actually is 75 I imagine there might be quite a delay while the variable is counting up to 75

You want to use Object.Sprite(). I believe it’ll get the frame number specifically.

You can find it in the expression builder, or via the list of expressions here: Expressions reference [GDevelop wiki]

Oh you’re a life saver, thank you so much!