Ability to change opacity of objects in editor view :)

Hi there, I think this is a must have feature!
It would be so much easier to change the opacity on the properties of an object insance instead of having to make a whole event for it each time, it’s specially frustrating when you got a lot of objects to work with or when you need something very precise, having to preview just to see if you got it right isn’t efficient.
You could also use it for your advantage in the editor with other uses, like to mark coordinates or something, just be creative, thanks, hope you had a merry christmas :)


I partially agree with you but in my opinion, if you want a standard opacity of an object, you can use an image editor before import it on GDevelop. I think opacity for every event is necessary because the object can change it in according with the developer mind.

Correct me if I’m wrong, anyway.