Ability to easily add line breaks to yarn dialogue

A seemingly basic feature that doesn’t seem to exist.
Making any sort of visual-centric game with Gdevelop’s yarn becomes much more difficult with the lack of control you have over how text is displayed.

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As far as I know yarn itself doesn’t provide functionality for line breaks.

GDevelop just uses the yarn scripting language and bondage.js library for the dialogue events. From some googling it seems like this behavior (no manual line breaks) is the same whether using yarn in Unity or other engines, too. I’m not clear that the GD5 devs would modify that base behavior as it would mean maintaining their own custom version. If that is feasible, then I’d like to see that, too.

As a workatound in the interim, have you looked at the Ink dialogue extension in the extension list? I wonder if that could get you closer, even if it isn’t using yarn.

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