Abilty to add suggestions on Trello

Since 4ian is not very active on the forum lately, every single time when we ask for a feature we never really know if it has been considered or seen by 4ian.

GD got a roadmap on Trello:

But, at the moment only Victor and 4ian can add “Ideas” that may going to be implement at some point in the future.
I would think any feature requested here on the forum that seems reasonable and realistic would make it to the Trello board as an “idea” but it is not the case and I’m not certain if it because the features we are requesting is found to be not reasonable or realistic by 4ian or he may just miss it, too busy to read the forum because in most cases we receive no reply from him and 99% of the time the request just won’t make it on the Trello board and we just left with the question all the time, “is my request has been considered at all?

So, how about that if we would replace this Feature request forum with Trello completely?
We (anyone) could add suggestion on Trello, describe the idea and people can vote to be added and if 4ian find it reasonable and realistic (doesn’t require complete rewrite of the engine), it would be moved to the “ideas” tab by 4ian or Victor.

Of course I don’t expect any feature to be worked on straight away when it make it in to the “Ideas” tab, but it would be a clear indication of that the feature request is seen and considerer by the devs and found to be reasonable to be implemented at some point in the future.
Also, when 4ian got the time but happen to have no idea or plans what to develop next, he could pick something based on the votes on Trello not just pick something random.

4ian seems to be active on the Trello board, that’s why this request. He doesn’t need to start a conversation and explain anything if it something he doesn’t want to do, he just simply need to move the request from “Suggestion” to “Idea” to make a clear indication of that, the feature is considered and found to be realistic.
If something found to be unrealistic he can even flag the ticket something like “Trash” to make it clear the decision without need to explain anything.


More than 1 year later, still waiting…

To my knowledge it is possible to share a link to Trello and let anyone add cards through that link.
I would have some “suggestions” but I really see no point in posting them on this forum or github because on the forum the devs don’t see it, on github the users don’t see it… Trello would be the perfect place.

On Trello we have this to send us the ideas now, it dates from few weeks

4ian gave rights to other people including contributors from GD to manage the roadmap. So it’s much more followed, personally I have an e-mail alert when things move in Trello and I pass there very often!

A voting system is present, use it to say that you want to see a function in priority.

No offence but it makes no difference and you missing my point.
All the devs and contributors could come here and read at least the feature requests on the forum, the forum is even more organised because each idea and comments are in separated topics and then you could decide the same way if it worth having a ticket on Trello or not… But 99% of the times it is not happening. How is that GLOBAL ticket on Trello makes any difference or makes the process any better? I get it you and others are helping now and you are creating tickets, but…ah just forget it.

That global ticket is fantastic!

Thanks for letting me know I go and fill up the sucker right now, be prepared with your ticket creator button, I’m coming :angry: :exclamation: