Able to remove GDevelop branding in Leaderboard


i’ve used the leaderboard feature built-in into Gdevelop; and it works really good!
However, i wonder if we’re able to remove the Gdevelop branding at the very bottom of the Leaderboard itself?

I have turned off branding within the game preferences - so that didn’t do the trick.
I cannot see this being a feature and/or option to do with the leaderboard.

Would i have to manually edit the CSS by getting a business subscription to do this?? :slight_smile:

This regards the “Powered by Gdevelop” in the left corner.

I believe that you need a paid account for that (Silver at least ?)

Yeah - already on the Silver tier, so that won’t do the trick :confused:
thanks for comment though! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I hope that it is something that has been overlooked then, and which will be corrected !

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