About colors ...

So i gave the object “something” a Random color but sometimes … i get the color Black .
How do i give Random color to object “something” except (Black or lets say dark colors) ?

Thanks for helping as always …

The question is in : “how do you give random colors”.

I mean colors are RGB : “R;G;B”, for each value, it’s from 0 to 255.
“255;255;255” => white
“0;0;0” => Black.

I suppose you have 3 variables, for each “R”, “G”, and “B” colors, and for each you do Random(255) ? If it’s right, just change to something like this :
DO = 100 + Random(155)

You will avoid dark colors.

Oh sorry forgot to upload the example i’m using for this .
Only the code for colors is what i’m using . how to use with it 100 + Random(155) ?
Spawning enemies.rar (4.12 KB)

Did it thanks for the help … just forgot to write + between 100 and Random()