About exporting to Android

First, sorry for my bad English:

Hi! I registered a few days ago, so I’m basically new here. I’ve been trying GDevelop for a couple days and so far I love it. Like, really love it. I’d kiss the developers if I could meet them (Lucky for them I can’t) I’m currently learning how everything works, familiarizing with the mechanics and all that.

I have a small doubt about compiling a game into an Android apk. I want to use one of the example games and turn it into one so I can test it in some devices and see how it runs to decide if I start working on a PC project or an HTML one.
Now, I read all the material and tutorials I could find and got a general idea of how it all works, and I just finished downloading xdk, but I’d still love some advice on this:

1- Is there a free compiler I can use to convert the HTML5 project to Android that doesn’t require I upload the code to their servers? Like, a standalone software I can install in my PC and use, or a different way to turn the game into apk. I live in a country where connectivity is, well, a problem, and it would really help if I didn’t have to use the internet to test the project on an Android device.

2- Is there a way to convert a Native project to an Android apk?

Thanks x)


1 - Check this out: mrchay.com/projects/HTML5toAPK
It’s really simple to use, fast and it actually works - I tried it.

2 - You can export native projects as apk like this: wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/gd … oid_export
Mind, if you don’t know anything about programming, like me, it might give you a few headaches :smiley:

Hey, thanks for the reply nya! I tried both. For some reason, th HTML5 compiler, that looked reeeeally simple, didn’t build anything when I tried it. And, like you said, I tried to understand how CMake works and didn’t get anywhere. I think I’ll just focus on making a native game for now and hope that in about a year or so when I’m finished this will be simpler or there is some tutorial for stupids on youtube. But thanks for stopping by nya​:heart: :smiley:

No problem :slight_smile:
…but if you are still interested, another program you can use is websitetoapk.com/download.html
It has a graphical interface, so it’s more user-friendly than the previous one, just make sure you install everything listed under System Requirements before using it.
Also, make sure you choose ‘Export to a website’ when exporting your game in GDevelop.

I recommend www.cocoon.KO
It is a very simple program with lots of features
I an using it for myself and I really like it, the only thing I hate about it that the size of the file is kinda big

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